Stakeholder relational strength assessed and prioritised


Client: UK Utility Company.

Licensee: Renuma.

Systematic assessment of all types of external stakeholder enabled the identification of strong relationships and prioritisation of weaker ones. The process gave the senior management team greater insight about their organisational competencies and where strategic stakeholder risk needed to be addressed.


A UK utility company wanted to improve their understanding of their relationships with external stakeholders in a way that produced actionable intelligence rather than just diagnostic information. Renuma delivered a structured two-way scan of the most important stakeholder sectors to identify where relationships were strong and where there may be operational risk


The scan approach resulted in a heat map of relationships that clearly indicated where the utility and sectors agreed the relationships were strong, where they agreed they were weak and where there was a different perspective between the two parties. The company was particularly strong at relating to other large businesses and industry-related organisations. However, there was some distance in its relationships with representatives of the public (e.g. environmental groups, public bodies, media).


The utility was equipped with the necessary data to demonstrate to stakeholders and regulators the quality of its relationships. The detailed insight enabled the development of a focussed and strategic approach to its stakeholder engagement.


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