Relationship managers understand commissioning relationships


Client: UK Commissioning Support Unit.

Licensee: Renuma.

Two dedicated relational workshops for the client relationship team enabled them to start to understand and apply insights from the Relational Proximity® Framework. Bespoke exercises enabled them to analyse and reflect on organisational dynamics that made their relationship management task difficult. As a result, the team changed the way they engaged internally and with clients.


The Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) had created a client relationship team to be the main point of contact with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and local authorities, which were their main clients. Each member of the team had responsibility for multiple organisations. Their ability to fulfill their role was hampered by the quality of their relationships and Renuma was commissioned to help the team improve these.


Training the team in the Relational Proximity® Framework enabled them to begin to understand what might be behind some of the client relational dynamics they were experiencing. Their common understanding catalysed discussions about how they could practically build their team identity and improve their engagement with the multiple channels of influence in place between the CSU and its clients.

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