As Relational Analytics has developed both inter-organizational and inter-personal metrics, we offer four types of license:

  • FULL (for professional services firms that wish to use Relational Analytics as part of their provision to private and public sector organizations)
  • NON-PROFIT (a consulting license for NGOs and restricted to certain types of client)
  • TECHNOLOGY (enabling IT firms to utilize Relational Analytics in building digital tools)
  • RESEARCH (for individual academics who wish to use Relational Analytics as an analytical tool within their research)

As part of the licensing process, a corporate licensee must:

  • Establish procedures to ensure that its own in-house and client relationships meet quality standards
  • Implement quality management procedures
  • Build a cadre of accredited practitioners

Could I become a licensed practitioner?

Relational Analytics seeks to help its licensees achieve and maintain the highest quality standards. The process for individuals (including researchers) to become accredited practitioners involves:

  • Technical training in the metrics
  • Experience transfer (from existing practitioners) in the interpretation and application
  • Ongoing supervision (which requires a relationship with a licensed firm)
  • Continuing professional development

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