Improve the Performance of your Organization by Leveraging Relational Metrics

A three-day course available on September 26-28,  2016 at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, UK. 9.30am to 5.30pm daily. Non-residential. Includes lunch/refreshments. Price £895.


Relational Metrics is the only statistically-validated way of measuring relationship quality.

Using it, you can address organizational relationships that are hurting profitability, efficiency and productivity anywhere in your business ecosystem – including joint ventures, M&A, OD, HR, supply chain management etc.

This 3-day course provides the basis for full accreditation* as a licensed user of Relational Metrics and enables you to join the community of practice. *Subject to satisfactory completion of three supervised assignments, and payment of the appropriate licence fee.

The course structure

DAY 1: Relational Management

Simon Fowler and David John Lee introduce the key ideas around measurement of relationships in organizations. They show how these enable more effective analysis and provide data allowing organizations to enhance performance and meet social and relationship reporting requirements.

DAY 2: Relational Metrics

Michael Schluter and John Ashcroft provide in-depth training in methods of collecting,
processing and interpreting data. The context provided is our accreditation policy as well
as current trends in the market for Relational Metrics.

DAY 3: Enhancing Performance

For you to sharpen your ideas for implementing Relational Metrics in your company,  Vincent Neate and Tim Young review their use of Relational Metrics in assignments
across multiple sectors respectively at KPMG and at Renuma.


JOHN ASHCROFT is Research Director at the Relationships Foundation, He is a co-author of The Relational Lens (CUP 2016) contributing much of the book’s original thinking on methodology.

SIMON FOWLER, Executive Director of the rWorld (a US-based non-profit looking to
“put relationships at the heart of American life”), serves on the Executive Committee of the
Relational Thinking Network, and has worked in training & development for 15 years.

PRABHU GUPTARA is Executive Director of Relational Analytics; Distinguished Professor of
Global Business, Management and Public Policy at William Carey University, India; and a
board member with Institute of Management, University of St Gallen, Switzerland.

DAVID JOHN LEE, co-originator of the Relational Proximity® Framework, has written or cowritten numerous books and papers, and is Director for a major international leadership
training group, overseeing live programmes and written communications.

VINCENT NEATE is the CEO of Relationship Capital Strategies Ltd., and has been active in the field of corporate responsibility for over twenty years, latterly as the partner in charge of the Sustainability Practice at KPMG.

Dr. MICHAEL SCHLUTER CBE is an economist, former World Bank consultant, and social
entrepreneur. He co-originated the Relational Proximity® Framework. He is founder of
Relational Thinking and Chairman of Relational Analytics.

TIM YOUNG has twenty years of management experience. He is Strategy Partner at Renuma Ltd, which helps organizations understand what is happening in their key relationships, taking relational risk out of the implementation of change, and building collaborative cultures.


Contact Josh Hemmings, j.hemmings@relational-analytics.org