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Using Relational Analytics to Understand, Measure, Manage, and Improve Relationships



A two day nonresidential course in Relational Metrics designed for the NGO sector: NGO/clients, NGO/donors, NGOs/government, trustees/management, NGOs/public, management/employees, UK office/overseas office, and NGO/overseas government.


This two day course provides in-depth training in data collection, calculation, interpretation, presentation and intervention design based on the Relational Proximity Framework. In order to use these tools, which are governed by trademark and copyright, you will need to sign a licensee agreement. To ensure quality control, we require that you engage an approved supervisor for your first three assignments. Details of the next course will be announced when they are available.

Courses are occasionally organised in Johannesburg, and can be organised on request.  Please contact us for further information, using the form on this page.

Coaching People Towards More Effective Relationships


A two day course is available, and is run according to demand: Performance depends on developing and maintaining effective relationships. RHA (Relational Health Assessment) is part of a suite of Relational Metrics tools.  Other tools assess relationships between groups and organizations. While psychometric tools help coaches and clients understand the individuals involved, coaches also need to be able to help their clients understand and adjust their relational dynamics.  RHA is designed specifically for coaches to work with individuals alone, or in pairs/groups, where there are challenges in organizational relationships.


To provide coaches with a unique and innovative approach to helping difficult organizational relationships and enhancing good relationships; and to provide the classroom component of training towards full accreditation as a Relational Coach. Successful completion of the course provides access to the online RHA tool in order to complete the supervised work experience required for full accreditation.


(1) The Relational Proximity® Framework (RPF) that underpins the RHA. (2) Practice in administering the RHA. (3) Interpreting the results using the framework and norm tables. (4) Practice at reviewing the results with individuals. (5) Using RHA alongside psychometric tools. (6) Using the RHA fairly and ethically.


Experienced facilitators and coaches working with individuals and teams in public, private and voluntary sectors who want to: (1) Develop more effective working relationships for themselves and their clients, (2) Pinpoint crucial areas that require attention so that they can be addressed and fixed, and (3) Deal practically with the risks and issues involved in organizational relationships.


This is achieved after successful completion of at least two applications of the tool in a live coaching context, with each of the cases written and submitted for feedback to an accredited Supervisor. It allows purchase of online materials that you can use in your own practice as a coach. it also gives you membership of the Relational Practitioner Community, which provides support and further learning opportunities, including cross-training in other Relational Metrics, and towards becoming an accredited Supervisor of Relational Coaches.


Roy Childs is the Managing Director of Team Focus.  An Occupational Psychologist, he has worked at senior levels for over 20 years. As a coach, facilitator, assessments expert, and psychometrician, he focuses on building relationships and developing capability.


This course is delivered by TEAM FOCUS, a psychology-based consultancy specializing in enhancing the contribution of people at times of individual, team and organizational change. Call Team Focus on 01628 637338. Or email: teamfocus@teamfocus.co.uk

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