Because our metrics are understandable, actionable and certifiable, you can reduce risk and increase value creation for stakeholders in a way that is recognised by others.

Relational Analytics licensees provide hard data on relationships – both internal dynamics and mission-critical connections with external stakeholders. What companies can measure, they can improve.

Our metrics satisfy emerging social and relationship reporting requirements – for example, Integrated Reporting: They also allow an organization to develop a nuanced understanding of strengths and weaknesses arising from its own relational capital, and how those strengths and weaknesses may impact on third party relationships.

When you incorporate Relational Analytics metrics, your clients benefit. Typical improvements we expect to see are:

  • actionable knowledge about corporate relationships
  • clearer identification and management of risk in relationships with customers, suppliers, regulators and investors
  • stronger internal cooperation and improved staff retention
  • more innovation
  • better relationships with other organizations
  • stronger leverage of relational and intellectual capital
  • greater sustainability of profits