Relational Analytics rests on two decades of work, beginning with a conceptual breakthrough made in the 1993 book The R Factor by Michael Schluter and David Lee.

This showed why business and policy decisions sometimes succeed and sometimes fail. It also pointed towards key levers for those wishing to create trust within and between large organizations.

Development of the metric tools

The ideas contained in the book were further developed by the Cambridge-based Relationships Foundation and its sister organization Relationships Global.

They began to measure quality of relationships in a number of Scottish prisons – the first of a number of specific projects for clients including the NHS, the English Prison Service, care homes for the elderly, and a leading London law firm. Over the following years, the new relational language and ideas started to be used across the NHS and in a number of large private sector companies like Ogilvy and British Gas.

Expansion to South Africa

In 2009/10, following the launch of the King III Corporate Governance Code in South Africa, Relationships Global collaborated in a pilot exercise to test the relational tools in a new context. The assessments measured relationships across all stakeholders in five of South Africa’s largest companies.

The results further demonstrated the usefulness of the relational measurement technique, and helped to refine the methodology.

Current work

This breakthrough towards wider commercial application resulted in two changes. Relationships Global was restructured and became Relational Research. And we created Relational Analytics to license the metrics to other organizations.

Relational Research is a not-for-profit entity and owns the Intellectual Property. It has registered trademarks in the European Union, the United States, South Africa and China, with registration in process in Singapore. Relational Research continues to develop ideas and applications in the field of Relational Thinking.

Relational Analytics is a for-profit company, majority-owned by Relational Research, which is a non-profit organisation. It has an exclusive world-wide license for the metrics, which are then sub-licensed to consulting firms.